One of the most commonly asked questions of a Landscape Designer is ‘how can I create curb appeal’? My advice is always ‘keep it simple’ – There are three elements   which are easily and inexpensively changed that can dramatically change the curb appeal of your home:
  1. garden
  2. masonry
  3. house color
Front foundation plantings are what you notice each night as you arrive home or what guests will notice as they pull up. When looking at the design of the garden consider all four seasons. Start with an evergreen framework and then add layers of color. Typically I suggest mid height evergreens to window sill height, mid layer of seasonal color such as hydrangeas or roses and finish with a low evergreen hedge of boxwood to keep everything looking neat.
A combination like this will have year round appeal – even in the dead of winter! Little lime hydrangeas or knock out roses have long bloom times and are considered low maintenance. Remember less is more –  have fewer species, but more of each ie. mass out the color in one or two complimentary shades.
Simple changes to a home’s masonry can have a high visual impact. Consider some of the following. Add a new front path in bluestone – for a small investment it will yield a high visual return.  Tidy up your driveway by introducing a cobble apron; this will help create a sense of entry.  The simplest trick of all is to add a border to your garden beds. This can either be a steel edge (readily available through most hardware and landscape supplies) or even better a brick border to compliment any existing brickwork in your home.
House Color
Finally – consider the color of your home and in particular your front door. Freshening up the color can change a house from bland to exciting. If you are nervous choosing colors – remember– keep it simple! Go conservative on the house color but be more adventurous on the door or window trims. That way your minimizing your risk, but add some much needed ‘pep’ to your curb appeal. People will take notice!
Each of these three elements are easy ways to dramatically increase your curb appeal.
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