poinsettiaPoinsettias are the most popular flowering plants for the holidays.  Although they come in many colors including white, pink and burgundy  – red is by far the most sought after color.  That bright Christmas red is a real standout and makes a great holiday gift that will last for weeks in your home or office.

If red isn’t your thing, why not try some designer fantasy poinsettias? These are available in a rainbow of colors to fit in any decorating theme. All poinsettias need protection from cold air and drafts. They need to be sleeved if the temperature is below 45 degrees, and should not be left in your car if it is colder than 40 degrees.

Poinsettias are the number one selling potted plant in the U.S, yet there is still misgivings and myths regarding its safety. We want you to rest assured that poinsettias are safe for your home, and are not hazardous to children or pets.  Whether large or small, we have them all, so  celebrate the holidays with a splash of blooming color.