Today is Friday the 13th which is typically a day when superstitious people tend to worry. Instead of being a worrywart let’s make it fun! Here are some ways to make your Friday the 13th spooky in a good way!

Today is a great day to begin decorating your home for Halloween!  Here are some of our favorites items to make your home look Spooktacular!

Tillandsia Air PlantSpooky Air Plants (Tillandsia)
These are a great way to add a ghoulish feeling to your desk, windowsill, entryway, bathroom, etc. Air plants require little maintenance. Give them bright light and mist with water two times per week.




Venus Fly TrapVenus Fly Traps & Pitcher Plants (Carnivorous Plants)
What could be more spooky than a plant that attracts and eats insects? These little pots of horrors are very low maintenance. Keep them on a warm, well-lit windowsill or in a terrarium.




Assorted PumpkinsBoo-tiful Pumpkins
Instead of perfectly traditional orange pumpkins, step up your Halloween display with a bunch of wacky looking pumpkins and gourds – warts and all! There is a huge selection of both traditional and not so traditional options at Hicks including Peanut Pumpkins, Turban Squash and more. Check out our Fall Pinterest Boards to see more of our gourds, pumpkins and squash.



Spooky PumpkinsHaunted Halloween Decorations
From pirate skeletons to Otto the Ghost and friendly spiders, Hicks Nurseries is here to help you to create a howling good time for trick-or-treaters on Halloween. Add a spooky light set to your windows or inflatable witches, dragons, ghosts or spiders to your front lawn. We have plaques for your front door and leaf bags that form giant spiders. We have everything you need to make your home boo-tiful!

So, let’s take the superstition out of Friday the 13th and instead use it as a day to decorate for Halloween!



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