Watch as Ed Dedicke, owner of Paradise Ponds, leads you through the process and equipment needed to design, install and maintain a pond on Long Island. Click here to watch the video, which was streamed on Facebook Live on Sunday, March 19th at Hicks Nurseries’ Flower & Garden Show. 

Pond FAQ from Paradise Ponds:

Q: How much maintenance is required for my pond?
A. Approximately 3 minutes per week! Under normal conditions you will need to empty your skimmer net of debris once per week (less in the summer and more often in the fall). Every other week you will add a few ounces of liquid bacteria and a scoop of Calcium Montmorillinite Clay to your skimmer filter. 

Q: We have lots of Cats, Dogs, Racoons, Herons, Hawks, Lions and Tigers and we cannot have a pond.
A: FALSE! You can have a pond with fish. For those of you with cats and herons we recommend a battery operated scarecrow which sends out a 3 second burst of water to scare them away. Also for herons, a heron decoy can be used in-season beginning June 1 (Not between March-May, you will be attracting herons to your yard). 

Q: How deep must my pond be?
A: Our normak pond depth is stepped down (child safe) to 24 inches or less. This is fine for Koi or Goldfish to winter over in.

Q: What about mosquitos?
A: A pond with moving water will not breed mosquitos – they will drown. By adding fish to your pond, they will eat the mosquito larvae which will help to keep the mosquito population low.


For additional information about Paradise Ponds, visit their web site here