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Did you miss our seminar, “Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about Ponds?” Ed Didicke, the pond expert behind all of the beautiful ponds and waterfalls of the Hicks Nurseries Flower Show answers some of your most frequently asked questions about ponds.


Q: How much maintenance is required for my pond?

A: Approximately 3 minutes per week! Any more than that and you are either doing something wrong, or you just enjoy fooling around with your pond. Under normal conditions you will need to empty the skimmer net of debris once per week (less in the summer and more often in the fall). Every other week you will add a few ounces of liquid bacteria and a scoop of Calcium Montmorillinite Clay to your skimmer filter.


Q: We have lots of: Cats, Dogs, Raccoons, Herons, Hawks, Lions and tigers and we can’t have a pond.

sb_110000757A: False! You can have a pond with fish. For those of you with cats and Herons we recommend a battery operated scarecrow motion sensor sprinkler. It sends out a 3 second burst of water that scares them away with the noise and sudden burst of water. The scarecrow has worked very well for lots of customers, myself included. Also for herons, there is a heron decoy which should not be used before June 1st or you will be attracting heron to your yard. For raccoons we suggest a product called Critter Ridder. For hawks one length of fishing line about 4 ft. over the pond should do the trick. With their keen eyesight they will see the fishing line and not dive in. For those of you with lions and tigers, yes you are correct – you cannot have a pond. You have a much more serious problem on your hands!


Q: What shape will my pond be?

A: A designer will guide you through the process of choosing the shape of your pond. We use a rubber liner so any shape you imagine we can build. You will never walk into a friends backyard and say “I have the same pond”. Never.


Q: How deep must my pond be?

A: Our normal pond depth is stepped down (child safe) to 24 inches or less. This is more than fine for koi or gold fish to winter over in.


Q: What do I do with my fish in the winter?

sb_110000740A: Your fish stay in the pond all year. All that is required is that you keep a hole in the ice open to allow gases to escape. Once the water temperature dips below 50 degrees your fish begin to go into hibernation. They stop eating, more very slowly and kind of line up like little submarines.

Q: How do I keep an open hole in the ice?

A: You can either use a pond heater and/or aerator, or leave your pond running – that’s it.


Q: What happens to my aquatic plants in the winter?

A: We recommend that your plants get cut back in the fall, as to avoid them from flopping into your pond and decomposing. Next year they will come back.


Q: How long does a pond liner last?

sb_24506285A: Our liner is a high quality 45 mil. thick liner and has a 20-year manufacturers warranty.

Q: How much does it cost in electric to run my pond per month?

A: If you have a living pond you should keep it running 24/7. Depending on the pump size it typically costs between $30-$39 per month on Long Island.


Q: I have large trees over my pond and could never have a pond.

A: You can have a pond under trees. In the fall we net our ponds by building a space frame and pulling the net over the frame to keep the leaves out. We take the net down in December once the landscapers are done picking up the leaves.


Q: What about mosquitos?

sb_110000747A: A pond with moving water will not breed mosquitos, they will drown. Fish will also eat mosquito larvae.

Q: Why should I get a pond in my yard?

A: It’s simple. You most likely work hard all day long and are under a lot of stress from work and the everyday grind. Sitting pond-side in your favorite chair is a great way to relax and unwind after a tough day. Besides – you deserve it!


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