Birding & Pond Supplies

Creating a habitat in your garden for birds and pond fish is not only good for the environment, it will also help you to better connect with nature.
Bird Food & Accessories
Long Island is home to many different types of birds including cardinals, blue jays and gold finch. You can attract these beautiful songbirds by adding a feeder, bird house or birdbath. We carry a full line of accessories as well as wild bird food and suet to help you attract a specific type of bird or offer a high quality diet to all birds.
Pond Supplies
We offer a large selection of pond plants and supplies to help you build or maintain a pond. Pond aerators, hose and replacement parts, liners, pumps, filters and many other items are available to help make your pond a success.
Create a peaceful outdoor space by adding a tranquil pond and feeding the songbirds. The staff at Hicks will help you create the perfect environment to better connect with nature and your family.
Additional Information:
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