Daylily flowers are truly the summer garden classic.  Who doesn’t recognize the orange trumpets all along roadsides everywhere?  They have become even more popular with advances in breeding that have created repeat bloomers, double flowers and new colors all on more disease resistant plants.

Daylily flowers remain popular because they are so easy to care for and have so much to offer. With colors ranging from white to almost black, they will fit into any garden design for a sunny location.  They are drought resistant and some are even fragrant!

Day Lily


Later summer is a good time to divide daylily plants, after flowering. If an older clump is ready to divide, just lift it out with a good sharp spade.  By knocking off the excess soil you will be able to see the roots and fans clearly, and cut through with a spade or sharp knife.  Replant the divisions after trimming the old foliage back by half and removing old stems.  Keep them well watered until established.

With grass like foliage and bold trumpet shaped flowers – daylilies make excellent specimen plants as well as mass plantings. Mix with daisies, salvias or roses for some bold combinations.  You could even try them in a large planter such as a whiskey barrel or urn.  The possibilities are endless!