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Artificial Christmas Trees on Display

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Karen, Malvern, NY


Find the Perfect Lifelike Christmas Tree


From tabletop to great room, we have the size and style that’s just right for your home.



Choose a slim tree for tight spaces, a narrow tree for small rooms or a full tree for more expansive areas.


From tabletop to great room, we have the size and style that’s just right for your home.



Choose a slim tree for tight spaces, a narrow tree for small rooms or a full tree for more expansive areas.


All our artificial Christmas trees come pre-lit with your choice of lights and meet nationally recognized Standards for Safety. UL-Approved.


All our artificial Christmas trees come pre-lit with your choice of lights and meet nationally recognized Standards for Safety. UL-Approved.

Hicks Nurseries outstanding selection of more than 90 realistic looking pre-lit Christmas trees on display ensures that you will find the perfect tree. You can find a tree for any room in your home, apartment or office with choices in heights from 4 1/2 ft for a tabletop all the way to 14 ft for a grand entry.


Our artificial Christmas trees are customized exclusively for us

with up to 50% more lights and branches than you’ll find anywhere else.


Modeled after real, fresh evergreens like pine, balsam and fir, they are strikingly realistic in both look and feel. They are the best artificial Christmas trees you can buy today, made by top manufacturers and come with full warranties.

Set up and take down is easy as 1, 2, 3

  • Folding branches make for a quick set up, take down and storage.
  • High tip counts and flexible branches provide ample space for ornaments and garland.
  • A sturdy Christmas tree stand and storage cardboard box are included with every tree purchase.
  • Crafted using heavy duty construction to ensure many years of enjoyment.


Use the Quick Shop number in the title of the tree you are interested in for quicker shopping in-store.  


Have questions?

Our knowledgeable and friendly staff is always here to answer your questions and help you find the perfect Christmas tree.

You can also schedule a FREE In-Store Consultation to get the extra one-on-one attention you need during this busy season. To learn more about this free service, or to schedule an appointment, please call 516-334-0066.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is included in the box with each lifelike Christmas tree?

Each artificial Christmas tree purchase from Hicks Nurseries comes in a sturdy reusable box with a tree stand, replacement bulbs, fuses, directions and warranty information.

What is your Christmas tree return policy and how do I return my tree?

All newly purchased trees must be returned within two weeks of the purchase date in order to receive a full refund. Trees returned outside of that two-week window will not be accepted. Lifelike Christmas trees cannot be returned after December 24th of the year purchased. Lifelike trees sold after 12/25 cannot be returned. All clearance trees are final sale. They are still subject to repairs as stated in section 4. Floor model lifelike Christmas trees that are returned within two weeks must be in full working order and are subject to a $100 restocking fee. 

What is your warranty policy?

Hicks Nurseries is the leader in lifelike Christmas trees and we pride ourselves on selling the highest quality trees available. All trees have industry leading manufacturer warrantees that should be handled directly with them. Warranty information is included in your artificial Christmas tree box or you can visit the manufacturer sites here:

The lights on my Christmas tree are not working. What should I do?

As a courtesy to our customers, if a light set fails on your tree during the first or second season*, we will make a reasonable effort to get the light set working. This includes inspecting the set, making sure all connections are secure and if required, shocking the set with a low jolt of electricity. If we are unable to repair or replace your light set, we will take your tree back and offer you a store credit for the price you paid for the tree.

 If the lights on your tree fail after the first two seasons, we will replace the defective light sets at a cost of $24.99** per set. If you do not want your tree repaired, we will take back your tree and will offer you the following discounts for up to five (5) seasons from your original purchase date:

3rd  season – 30% off current lowest price***
4th season – 20% off current lowest price
5th season – 10% off current lowest price

*The first season includes the year in which the tree is purchased.

** Prices and availability are subject to change.

***Excludes clearance trees.

Who do I contact if I have concerns about my tree?

Please call 516-334-0066 or email us directly at and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

How are lights attached to a pre-lit tree? Are they removable?

All lights are professionally hand-strung to minimize the appearance of wires and should not be removed in order to maintain the desired look.

What happens when a bulb burns out?

If one bulb blows out the others will stay lit. All dim or burned-out bulbs should be replaced immediately to preserve the integrity of the strand.

An entire strand of lights on my tree is out. What should I do?

If a bulb is removed, loose or broken in its socket the entire string will not work. Simply find the faulty bulb in the strand, replace it and the full strand should light again.

Where can I get replacement bulbs and fuses?

Our pre-lit trees come with a package of replacement bulbs and fuses for your convenience. We sell additional packages in the Christmas Lighting department.

How big of a tree should I get?

Hicks Nurseries has trees to fit every room, from 4½ft. – 14ft. tall. Measure your ceiling and the approximate width of the area you have in mind before you come into shop. All of our artificial tree tags contain the height and width of each tree and our sales staff is here to answer all of your questions.

Tree tip: Generally, you should leave 12 inches between the top of the tree and the ceiling for your tree topper.

Are artificial trees difficult to assemble?

Not at all. Our trees come in 2 to 6 sections depending on the height. Set up the tree stand first and then attach each section one at a time, from the bottom up to build your tree.

How do I make my tree look full and realistic like the trees at Hicks Nurseries?

All Christmas trees come in boxes where the branches are tightly compacted. After assembling your tree, it’s time to fluff it!

Tips for fluffing your tree

  1. The needles can sometimes irritate sensitive skin so consider wearing garden gloves while shaping your tree.
  2. Start at the bottom of the tree and work your way upward.
  3. Focus on one branch at a time. Fan out the branches from the inside out.
  4. Step back from time to time to check your work and adjust as needed.
How do I store my tree?

All trees purchased at Hicks Nurseries come with a sturdy tree box that can be used to safely store your tree for many years to come. If you prefer, tree storage bags are available for purchase.

What is a pre-lit tree?

A pre-lit tree has all its lights professionally attached to the branches to create a uniform appearance so you don’t have to worry about stringing lights on and then taking them off every year.

Can I use my pre-lit tree outside?

No. All our artificial trees are meant to be used indoors. Using one of our trees outdoors will void your warranty.

What type of lights do you use on the trees?

Super bright high-quality LED, incandescent or sure-lit light sets depending on the tree.

Do you ship trees? Offer delivery?

We do not currently ship trees. We do however offer delivery services across Long Island and all 5 boroughs. Please call 516-334-0066 for delivery rates.

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