When this young couple was nearing the end of their renovation to their Forest Hills Garden home, they reached out to Hicks Landscapes to bring the garden up to snuff with the rest of the project. They had worked diligently with their architect to marry the new addition to the home’s original details in keeping with the style of architecture, and the neighborhood. Hicks’ designer Tom Cahill met with the couple to discuss their goals for the landscape and determine a plan of action.

The original existing landscape had been neglected during the year-long construction. Tom quickly realized a large spruce on the corner of the house was cutting off the view and access from a beautiful side portico that could be incorporated into the backyard. The entire space was also disjointed and lacked ‘garden’ appeal. Hicks Landscapes expert crews made quick work of removing the construction debris and regrading the property. The large spruce was removed and replaced with a more size-appropriate holly.

Relaxing Garden Forest Hills New York Designed By Hicks NurseriesThe existing hedges that remained were given a corrective pruning to rejuvenate them and provide better privacy. Several plants, including a crape myrtle tree, were transplanted to new locations to allow room for growth. The new plantings were designed to provide seasonal color from flowering shrubs such as hydrangea, roses, and azaleas along with perennials such as astilbe, nepeta and echinacea. Evergreen ilex was chosen to screen the large HVAC units and all the plantings were selected to complement the beautiful architecture of the home.

Bluestone Pathway Garden Walkway Forest Hills New YorkTwo by two bluestone step stone paths were laid out to link the formerly disjointed elements including the brick patio, rear door, and the side portico. Step stones also led to an ornamental bench that was set in the border bed to be a destination to invite visitors out into the garden. The finished landscape now provides a private space for entertaining company and beautiful views to be enjoyed from inside the newly renovated home.


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